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Vascular diseases, Erectile dysfunction, Long Covid

When the heart heals itself, it often does not need surgery.

HERZHOSE have an effect like a marathon without running.
HERZHOSE application especially after Long-Covid to improve impaired endothelial function.

Patented procedure developed at the Charité

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HERZHOSE® is a modern, personalized and non-surgical treatment for cardiovascular diseases.

The self
healing power

of our body is the most underestimated process in our world today.

Perhaps because for many he is a mystery, for some even a myth. This power, which is available to everyone, is only waiting for the right push.

Vascular stenosis is the most common cause of heart attack or stroke.

Until now, these narrowings or occlusions have usually been treated surgically by dilating them via cardiac catheterization or by bridging them with a bypass. But the body, with the right support, can bypass these constrictions itself and create natural bypasses in this way.

A research study at the Charité hospital in Berlin was able to show how a medical innovation called HERZHOSE® can provide this impetus. In this process, the fine collateral vessels of the heart are “trained” by a controlled pushing force of the blood and formed into large blood vessels. The HEARTHOSE® supports the pulse beat and optimizes the thrust with each heartbeat of the patient.


also bookable for hours at package price


Package 1

1 hour 135,00 €

Package 2

3 hours 400,00 €
(one-time treatment)

The HERZHOSE® therapy

is personalized for each patient and always takes place under medical supervision.

If you have any questions about HERZHOSE® or are interested in treatment, please contact us.


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