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How long does the treatment with HERZHOSE last?

Therapy with the personalized HERZHOSE represents passive training for the vascular bed.

Recommended for medical indication
Vascular diseases, Erectile dysfunction, Long Covid

According to current scientific knowledge, with one hour of therapy daily, the heart needs between three and seven weeks, or 30 to 35 hours of training, to sufficiently form the growth of the natural bypasses. This period depends quite significantly on the individual blood flow velocities of each patient. With the help of the vascular tachometer, a personalized therapy plan can be created for the patient.

Successfully treated

Clinical studies have proven that there is significant relief from exercise-induced chest tightness and shortness of breath after completion of cardiosis training. In addition, the function of the entire vascular bed is demonstrably improved.

Who is the HERZHOSE not suitable for?

Patients suffering from open sores on the legs, severe valvular defects or acute thrombosis cannot be treated with the heart trousers. Similarly, patients who already have bypasses in their legs are not suitable for the therapy.