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8. January 2022 in Patient information, PRESS

Self-healing hearts, The Mirror

In the fight against heart attacks, high-performance medicine saves many lives, but it does not bring a cure. Now doctors are breaking new ground in…
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7. January 2022 in Patient information, PRESS

Do you know how your arteries are doing?

Dennis Seiler 22/01/2020 Health, Guide, Prevention Free artery check at the DAZB We are as old as our arteries! The problem with this very true…
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6. January 2022 in Patient information, PRESS

Frankfurter Allgemeine from 05.01.2022

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25. February 2021 in PRESS

Interview: Danger to life due to vascular occlusion

Interview: Danger to life from vascular occlusion - gentle procedure stimulates growth of endogenous bypasses Every 2 minutes a heart attack occurs in Germany, every…
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3. January 2021 in PRESS

VIP+ Innovation Conference 2019

VIP+ Innovation Conference 2019 On March 26, 2019, the 3rd VIP+ Innovation Conference took place at the Kalkscheune in Berlin. The aim of the conference…
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3. August 2020 in Patient information


Arteriogenesis A modern, personalized and non-invasive treatment method for cardiovascular diseases Vascular stenosis is the most common cause of heart attack or stroke. Until now,…
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3. January 2019 in Patient information

New approaches from bionics & medicine convince

BMBF @BMBF_Federal Government New approaches from bionics & medicine convince: ...awarded 3 validation projects today at the VIP+ Innovation Conference. The prize is awarded for…
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18. June 2018 in PRESS

Clogged arteries.

Berliner Zeitung, 18.06.2018. Text: Michael Brendler Clogged arteries The blood seeks new paths for itself A therapy that was not pursued further about 60 years…
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3. March 2018 in Patient information


01.03.2018 - MESSAGE Scientists at the Brandenburg Medical School are developing the patented antepulsation method as part of the VIP+ funding measure in the "AngioAccel"…
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1. March 2018 in Patient information

The heart pants can save lives

01.03.2018 RESEARCH "The heart pants can save lives" Scientist Philipp Hillmeister on a pair of pants that contract rhythmically in time with the heart, accelerating…
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3. February 2018 in Patient information


Non-invasive treatment of peripheral occlusive disease (pAVK) by antepulsation. The occurrence of vascular diseases, such as peripheral occlusive disease (pAVD), is one of the main…
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20. December 2017 in PRESS

A new life thanks to “heart pants

New procedure against shortness of breath and pain A new life thanks to "heart pants Source:
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1. September 2017 in PRESS

A slightly different walking workout

A slightly different walking workout Patients with impaired circulation in the legs should engage in gait training. If this is not possible, inflatable cuffs can…
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1. June 2015 in PRESS

New specialist centers

Dear patients, from now on you can visit the following additional centers for personalized heart pants: Bad Wimpfen Health Center Chief Physician Dr. med. Reinhard…
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